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Topic Ancient China
Grade(s): 5-7
Written by EDUCATE LLC
Created: 10/21/05
Updated: 12/02/05
Skill Sets: Research | Information Literacy
Format: Project
Time Required: 7 class periods. 45 Min. per class.

Description, Learning Objective: Students build information literacy skills by conducting research and learn about Ancient China by creating a PowerPoint presentation. Students conduct research on Ancient China using a structured research strategy, KWL (What we know, What we want to know, What we learned).

Procedure: Teacher reviews the project plan. Each group of students will work on a unique research topic. The topics are: (1) Inventions, (2) Arts and Culture, (3) Religion, (4) The Great Wall, (5) Dynasties.

2) Students research project during library and computer classes and at home. Students are required to write down their notes on the KWL Template (What we know, What we want to know, What we learned). The teacher reviews the notes to make sure the students are on track.

3) Students write researched information on 4x6 index cards. The teacher reviews the cards.

4) Students create their slides in PowerPoint during computer class using their index cards. The Editor in the group is responsible for pulling the students' slides together and editing the final presentation.